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Major Retailer Returns Pallets

Major Retailer Returns Pallets

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Our large major retailer returns pallets are a favourite of those looking to resell and gain profits. 

These returns are usually always boxed, and its contents and their condition are usually checked by the retainer. They can contain high value products from Amazon or major retailers such as Dunelm, John Lewis, CEX, Von Haus, Selfridges and more retailers. 

What's on the pallets?

Pallets usually contain larger higher value items such as TVs, dining tables, furniture, large tech, appliances and household goods.

The amount of packages on each pallet will differ depending on the size of the boxes, but each pallet usually contains a significant number of items. 

Height and weight of the pallet may vary. Pallets are stacked up to 7ft high with household returns.



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Undelivrd Reviews

  • Lesley Thatcher ★★★★★

    Bought an Amazon returns box from Undelivrd for my son! Got great value for money and it was so much fun opening the box. Definitely ordering again!

  • John Carey ★★★★☆

    Got some uesless items but a Garmin watch that I sold on ebay for £250. Gamble but made profit

  • Emily Johnson ★★★★☆

    Great concept and execution by Undelivrd. The box had a variety of products, all in good condition. It's like a treasure hunt in a box!

  • Mike Brown ★★★★★

    Delivery was a little slow but customer service was quality. Decent box too!