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Pallet Full Of Large Undelivered Courier Parcels

Pallet Full Of Large Undelivered Courier Parcels

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Undelivered courier parcels are items that never made it to their destination. Whether the intended recipient moved home, rejected delivery or the address was wrong, the parcel makes its way back to the depot while the owner is traced. 

If the owner is never traced, the package is considered lost and taken to auction along with thousands of others. Each parcel has all of the original recipient's details marked out, but is sold as is. 

Our pallets are full of larger undelivered courier parcels that are too big for our boxes of 10. 

What's inside? It could be gadgets, home decor, beauty products, phones, laptops... we have no idea. 

Packages come in their original form with names marked out with GPRD reasons.

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Undelivrd Reviews

  • Lesley Thatcher ★★★★★

    Bought an Amazon returns box from Undelivrd for my son! Got great value for money and it was so much fun opening the box. Definitely ordering again!

  • John Carey ★★★★☆

    Got some uesless items but a Garmin watch that I sold on ebay for £250. Gamble but made profit

  • Emily Johnson ★★★★☆

    Great concept and execution by Undelivrd. The box had a variety of products, all in good condition. It's like a treasure hunt in a box!

  • Mike Brown ★★★★★

    Delivery was a little slow but customer service was quality. Decent box too!