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Full Lost and Unclaimed Airport Luggage Cases

Full Lost and Unclaimed Airport Luggage Cases

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Ever wondered what happens to abandoned and lost luggage London Heathrow?

While most people are reunited with their belongings, sometimes people don't claim them. 

And now there's a sustainable and economical way of dealing with the lost luggage. The airport auctions them off to give the abandoned cases and the items inside a new 'forever home'.

Personal details are removed from the luggage before they're sent to us, but apart from that everything is left as is, and as you can probably expect, the luggage is usually full to the brim with clothes, souvenirs and random items, sometimes worth thousands. 

The size and brand of the suitcase you'll receive will be random. 

What's Inside?

Every suitcase is sold as received, a mix of designer clothes, quirky gifts, and sometimes, gadgets. The possibilities are as varied as the global travelers who once packed them.

The Excitement of Exploration:

With luggage unclaimed from one of the world's busiest airports, you're not just getting a box of items, you're getting stories from across the globe. Who knows what tales these belongings could tell?

Why Buy Our Lost and Unclaimed Airport Luggage Cases

  1. Global Grab Bag: Items from all corners of the world, offering a truly international unboxing experience.
  2. Unexpected Treasures: There's always a chance of stumbling upon something of huge value.
  3. Sustainability in Style: By giving these lost items a new home, you're partaking in a stylish act of sustainability.

DISCLAIMER: The cases are not checked by Undelivrd or the auction house and we are not responsible for what is found inside.

Please bear in mind that if a person loses their luggage on the way back from holiday, there's likely to be worn clothing inside. Whereas if it was lost on the way out, everything will likely be as new. 

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Undelivrd Reviews

  • Lesley Thatcher ★★★★★

    Bought an Amazon returns box from Undelivrd for my son! Got great value for money and it was so much fun opening the box. Definitely ordering again!

  • John Carey ★★★★☆

    Got some uesless items but a Garmin watch that I sold on ebay for £250. Gamble but made profit

  • Emily Johnson ★★★★☆

    Great concept and execution by Undelivrd. The box had a variety of products, all in good condition. It's like a treasure hunt in a box!

  • Mike Brown ★★★★★

    Delivery was a little slow but customer service was quality. Decent box too!