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Undelivered/Returned Amazon Deliveries Box Of 10

Undelivered/Returned Amazon Deliveries Box Of 10

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Every year we spend so much money on Christmas gifts, but do you know what happens to all of those expensive gifts that are returned? Amazon can't re-sell anything that has been opened, so they send them to us so that we can give you guys unbelievable deals. 

Our boxes of Amazon Christmas returns give the opportunity to land some very expensive toys, tech and gifts at a fraction of the RRP price, at a price of just £9.99 per item. A lot of items will individually RRP for hundreds, giving the opportunity for huge profits. 

Each box contains around 10 items that have been returned to Amazon, and the condition of the items may vary depending on the reason they were returned to Amazon. Some may have a slightly damaged box, some may be in need of repair or missing a part, and a some be in perfect working order. 

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Undelivrd Reviews

  • Lesley Thatcher ★★★★★

    Bought an Amazon returns box from Undelivrd for my son! Got great value for money and it was so much fun opening the box. Definitely ordering again!

  • John Carey ★★★★☆

    Got some uesless items but a Garmin watch that I sold on ebay for £250. Gamble but made profit

  • Emily Johnson ★★★★☆

    Great concept and execution by Undelivrd. The box had a variety of products, all in good condition. It's like a treasure hunt in a box!

  • Mike Brown ★★★★★

    Delivery was a little slow but customer service was quality. Decent box too!